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Free Shipping on All Products!

VETRA V2- Sectional Model Bench with Box

Original price 4,550.00TL
Current price 3,900.00TL
    • Luxe s PLASTIC Leg 140CM Model Puff Bench Sofa-Sitting Bench-Seat&Stool-Long Makeup Puff-Bedroom&Mirror Front-Foot Tip Bench-Middle Puff&Foot extension pouf
    • WIDTH: 140x45 cm
    • HEIGHT: 57 CM
    • 28 DNS sponges
    • 500 kg carrying capacity
    • It is produced with new generation technology,
    • Its biggest feature is that it DOES NOT LEAVE DIRECTION TRACES compared to other BabyFace fabrics.
    • In addition, a more striking radiant appearance
    • Smooth surface
    • Anti-bacterial
    • Erasable
    • PLASTIC foot design that does not scratch the floor
    • Usage areas:
    • VETRA V2 CHOCOLATE Bench can be found on the balcony of your home, in the kitchen, in the living room, in the children's room, in the bedroom, in the living room, in the doorway, in the doorway, in front of the mirror, as a make-up chair & pouffe, in front of the shoe rack when wearing shoes, at the dining table, as an office chair in your workplaces. has use in the field.
    • SETUP:
    • The product is sent as de-assembled in 2 parts. You can complete the installation by assembling the feet with simple hand tools.
    • TO INFORM!!
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