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Free Shipping on All Products!
Free Shipping on All Products!

about us

Who are we?
Our expert team, which has been providing Seat and Furniture upholstery services since 1989, has come to the fore with many names. We have now entered the brand formation in this sector, which has been going on for years with our team that has managed to provide perfect customer satisfaction throughout all this time and has never broken its line. With the experience of the team that grows all technology and development at its heart and constantly developing, my name is now Gazzini Furniture, I am proud to present pioneering innovations in the furniture sector to its valued customers. we hear.

The most important of a few lines that it has never given up since the day it was founded is our understanding of support! In addition to all these services, we have reached the number of tens of thousands of customers with our support team, who constantly calls their customers and asks if they have a problem, and with the customer portfolio we constantly gain!

Thank you very much for spending your precious time to get to know us! We hope we were able to help you get to know us, and in case it wasn't enough, let us remind you that we have friends who are waiting for you to call us from our phone number on our contact page and ask a few questions and wish you a good day...

Our Quality Approach

From the order of our products to the delivery to you, our entire aim is to keep the quality above your expectations. We can summarize the whole understanding of quality as follows;

It is to deliver the desired service to the customer exactly as he wishes and on time!